• Image of NEW* Subaru IG Bracket Slot
  • Image of NEW* Subaru IG Bracket Slot

Whats up everyone!

The second ever 32 Subaru owners to purchase 1 bracket slow will be randomly selected to go up against other participants in an instagram vote to @Subiewoo page followers.

Once you purchase you must send your instagram and a desired picture of your subaru for the instagram posts. You can email this or DM @Subiewoo on instagram. If this is not done within 24 hours you are automatically disqualified.

Winner of the entire poll will get $50, you will advance to the next round if you get the most votes on an instagram post, rounds will last 24 hours.

You will get posted on the subiewoo instagram page and story with credits given to your account.

For further questions DM @Subiewoo on instagram!